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About Us

I was first introduced to consignment sales by my sister when she had her babies. I loved shopping with her. Once I became pregnant I realized how expensive children's clothing, gear and toys were when I purchased them new! I quickly realized I did not want to spend that kind of money on clothes my daughter would wear for a few months then outgrow. Once I had my second child I was thrilled we had hand me downs. As they both grew older I wanted hand me downs for my oldest daughter. I remembered the consignment sales I had shopped at with my sister and started searching for one in our area. I found and fell in love with Thrift Mouse. I love that I saved money. I loved that I could get great items that were nearly new. I loved finding all the brand name clothes at prices I could afford. Once I had my boys I knew consignment sales was the only place I wanted to purchase my kids clothing, gear and toys. 

After a few years of shopping with Thrift Mouse, I decided to consign. Who would have thought that it could get better, but it did… As a consignor, not only was I able to buy great items at pre-sales where the selection was at it best, but I was earning money. In fact, I would try to make more money (or break even) between what I bought and what I sold. It was like shopping for FREE!!!! How can you beat that?

After shopping at Thrift Mouse for a few seasons, I was sad to see Thrift Mouse take a break. The previous owners were no longer able to run Thrift Mouse but I was excited to take over for them! I knew how much it meant to me to be able to sell my children's old clothes, gear and toys AND buy their new ones all in one weekend!

Thrift Mouse is a family owned and run business. We have met so many wonderful consignors who have become friends. Thrift Mouse truly is a community event. Our goal is to help families sell their kids clothes, toys and gear they no longer use without the hassle of meet ups or garage sales AND find great deals for the next size and stage of their children's lives. If you shop or consign with Thrift Mouse you will see our children and us (husband and wife) at each and every sale. Stop by, say hello! We love seeing new faces and hope you will join our community!  

ThriftMouse’s mission statement

To provide every family with the opportunity to save BIG on the things that they really need for their kids -AND- help families earn some extra money on the things they no longer use. We accomplish this by focusing on the customer and consignor experience. We offer a friendly and boutique style environment to shop filled with only the best items for sale at all of our events. We also give our consignors the knowledge and tools to prepare their merchandise to sell; while providing a pleasant and organized consignor experience. We want this sale to continue to be a blessing to families in our community – those that shop, those that consign, and those that are helped through our charity partner.

Ready to join as a consignor? Click HERE to join now!