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Donations & Charity Partner

One of the most rewarding aspects of being involved with ThriftMouse Consignment Sale Events is our ability to contribute to a vital, family focused, non-profit agency in our community. Our event not only benefits its buyers and sellers, but also local families and communities in need. At the end of our sales, we encourage our consignors to donate unsold items to our charity partner - Mother & Child Education Center!

Mother & Child Education Center, located in Northeast Portland, has been serving families in the greater Portland area since 1971 when founded as a chapter of Birthright. In 2008, the center transformed to a standalone non-profit, increasing its ability to serve women in need. Most clients are from lower-income families or experiencing a family crisis such as divorce, teenage pregnancy, or unemployment. The center is open six days a week for quiet conversation, in addition to offering wellness coaching/counseling by appointment, and a 24/7 pregnancy & parenting crisis line in three languages: English, Spanish, & Russian.

Mother & Child's vision is to create a world where children are welcomed and nurtured in the womb, the home, the community, and beyond. They embrace this vision in their mission of educating the public about pregnancy and parenting; building a community of competent, confident mothers. Classes and workshops are offered in prenatal health, labor & delivery, newborn care, parenting, nutrition, budgeting and more.

They are a unique 501(c)3 nonprofit offering all services at no charge, and without client restriction to income level, demographic region, etc.  By donating items such as maternity clothing, nursing bras, diapers, clothing, and other miscellaneous baby items, families are supported in their planning and caring for baby, thus building their competence and confidence as parents. Emergency clothing, diapers, food/formula, and other needed supplies are received by more than 100 families each month.
Their program is primarily implemented by volunteers, with a few paid staff and college interns. They welcome volunteers who might sort, organize, and bundle donations; welcome clients and donors; conduct pregnancy tests; assist with Maternity clothing; or (for our Open House) prepare food or an educational piece, distribute supplies, serve refreshments, and spend time with the kids.

As part of our partnership, not only will Mother & Child Education Center be receiving consignor’s items marked for donation, we also host a Diaper and Formula Drive during our sale.

Diaper and Formula Drive

During our sale hours, a Mother & Child volunteer will be onsite to collect donations of new diapers and unexpired formula.

Please bring in new diapers in the size that you are no longer using (they also accept cloth diapers). Or bring a bag just to donate.

We all get those sample cans of formula when you have a new baby. Now, you can clear out that shelf in your kitchen and donate them to mother’s who need them for their babies. They accept new, unopened cans that are not expired. These items are given directly to Mother & Child Education Center.


We are proud to be donating all of the consignor’s donated items to this wonderful organization so they can help families within our community. This includes all items marked to Donate (heart symbol on ThriftMouse tags) and any items NOT picked-up within 15 minutes after consignor pick-up time ends.

A BIG THANK YOU to our Consignors who generously donate their unsold items after each sale. Your items are going to those in our community who need some extra help.

If you need a donation receipt for your item(s) donated, please contact Mother & Child within thirty days after our sale. Please print your donated items list and send it to them via email or US Mail. They will happily provide you with a receipt. Thank you again for assisting other mother’s in our community.

If you still have additional questions or would like to learn more about Mother & Child Education Center and how they help mother’s in our community, please feel free to call, email or stop in. They are very friendly and I am sure you will be glad to be a donor to their organization.

Disclaimer: Mother & Child Education Center is an independent third party and is not related or connected to ThriftMouse except as outlined here. We are happy to be able to assist them with our consignor’s donated goods as they will use most of the donations received.

Note: Currently, all donations go the Mother & Child Education Center. Any items not accepted by Mother & Child (our charity partner) will become property of ThriftMouse. to dispose of in any manner they choose. All donated items will go to a charity. ThriftMouse will never profit from your donated items. ThriftMouse also reserves the right to disposed of any item that is marked for donation but does not meet our standards.

Please feel free to email us at Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at our next sale.