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Consign Your Pre-loved Items With Thrift Mouse

Why Consign with Thrift Mouse?

Consigning is a great way for you to recoup the costs of having kids. If you have Pre-loved (gently used) maternity clothes, children’s clothes in sizes ranging from birth to juniors, toys, children’s furniture and accessories, then gather them up. Bring them to a ThirftMouse Consignment sale and earn some money!

Whether you are new to selling at a consignment sale or you’ve done it so many times you can’t count them all, we’re excited to have you participate. We go to great lengths to ensure that you have all the tools you need to be a successful consignor. Please take the time to read through the information provided in our consignor pages.

Benefits of Consigning with ThriftMouse

  • You can earn significantly more money for your items versus tedious garage sales

  • Less hassle than individually listing and selling items on eBay, Facebook & other online websites only to get less than they are worth

  • No more people standing you up or having strangers come to your home in response to internet ads and yard sale signs

  • No more long wasted weekends hosting a Garage Sale

  • No more haggling over pricing

  • Consignment stores determine your item’s selling price and it can take months for your item to sell

  • Consignment stores generally pay only a small fraction of what your items are worth to cover overhead costs related to running a retail store front year around

  • Consignment stores do not have the space to take all of your items and will pick and choose only the ones they want to display

  • You get clean closets, garage, and storage bins

  • You are recycling – your children’s Pre-Loved (gently used) items get a new home

  • Shoppers can see and touch your items and are able to make a quick decision to buy

  • You earn 65% of the selling price, less a $10.00 consignor fee. VIPs can earn up to 80% of the selling price and can have their consignment fee waived (see our VIP page for more information)

  • No need to be present because we process all sales and mail you a check ten business days after the sale

  • You set your prices

  • You decide if you want to discount any of your item(s) on our half-price day

  • You decide if you want to pick-up any unsold items and save it for the next ThriftMouse Event or donate your unsold items to our local charity partner and eliminate the effort of picking them up

  • Once you prepare your items WE do all the work of selling your items for you!

  • Your items are viewed by many buyers in just a few days

  • You do not have to wait WEEKS for items to sell

  • You can check your earnings nightly on our website

  • Shop early! – Shop our Consignor’s pre-sale, giving you the opportunity to shop before the general public for access to the best selection and first dibs on great deals

  • Enjoy the ease of letting us handle all the advertising and marketing for your items to sell! Although, a little extra word of mouth never hurts – so tell your friends and like us on Facebook.

  • Meet other moms in the area

  • Get your teen to sell their Pre-Loved items, they can price, tag, and sell their stuff for CASH!

  • Our tagging program makes it easy for you to price your items, allows you to see your sold items each night during the sale. Easily transfer your items from one sale to the next. Track items that you are consigning 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year!
At this time, Thrift Mouse does not have a minimum number of items NOR do we have a maximum number of items allowed per consignor. We do suggest that you bring $100.00 worth of items to our sale to make the time you spend preparing your items and dropping off most beneficial to you. However, this is not a minimum, only a suggestion.

Consignors pay Thrift Mouse a consigning fee and/or percentage of profits on the sale of Consignor’s items, pursuant to the Fee Schedule below. There is a $10.00 fee due when you submit your application to help offset advertising, venue, merchandising and administrative fees. If you do not complete a shift, then you do not receive the credit hours to move you to a higher Consignor percentage level.



Please remember to check out our consignor referral program for ways to earn more money.

Ready to Consign?

Please make sure you read all of our consignor pages so you are familiar with our standards, know how to properly prepare your items for our sale (especially the information on tagging clothing). Thank you in advance for your help with maintaining our high standards. CLICK HERE TO CONSIGN

Don’t have all your items together yet?

No problem! Register today and tag as you go. Over the next few weeks, gather your items and enter them in when you have the time. Our system allows you to tag items, make changes and manage your inventory at your convenience.

SPREAD THE WORD about our sale!
And “LIKE” us on FACEBOOK!

The more customers we have, the more money you will make. Additionally, if you know of people who would like to be added to our mailing list, please call or email with their names and addresses. Thanks!

Diaper and formula drive will be hosted during all sale dates and times for our charity partner. Please bring in new diapers and formula that you are not using
to donate when you shop.


Thrift Mouse strives to offer only the best items at all of our consignment sale events. Our policy is to not sell recalled or unsafe items. It is the responsibility of our consignors to make sure all of their products offered for sale meet the required safety standards. We are all parents and the safety and security of our children is our number one priority. Therefore, we expect our consignors to check for recalls before consigning any of their items to insure none of their items offered for sale have been recalled. Please see our recall/safety information page for more information.

Additionally, Thrift Mouse reserves the right to refuse any item during drop-off or remove any item(s) from the sales floor that do not meet our standards. Any item pulled for this reason may be returned to you at the end of the sale or disposed of if marked for donation.