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Consignor Fundraising

Looking for creative new ways to raise money for your church, school, club, group or organization?

ThriftMouse can help!
Instead of asking friends and family to make a monetary donation or to buy something, ask them to clean out their kids clutter and donate their high quality, gently used children’s items to your organization. Then turn those items into cash at our event!

Benefits of Consigning with ThriftMouse
  • Get Higher Prices than a Rummage Sale

  • Make More Money than a Car Wash or Bake Sale

  • Less work – we do all the event planning and running of the event

  • Less stress – we organize the sale, your participation can be as little or as much as you want depending on the consignor split level you would like for your Organization
Here’s how it works
  • Create one account using our computerized tagging system, which should be your organization’s name (not a person)…just remember that the name on the account is the name the check will be issued to

  • Ask friends, family, and/or members to donate their high quality, gently used items to your organization (clothing, toys, furniture, equipment, maternity, etc.)

  • Collect accepted items as donations for your fundraiser

  • Prepare and tag your items

  • Bring your items to drop-off

  • Pick-up unsold items or donate them to charity

  • Receive your check!!! Your organization will earn 70% of your sales less a $10.00 consignor fee that will be deducted from your consignor check at the end of the sale. If someone from your group Volunteers, then you can earn up to 80% of your sales and have your consignor fee waived (see VIP pages for additional information)
There’s no limit on the number of items your organization can sell. Gather up items, tag them and your organization gets the money. It’s that easy!

Ready to get started?

Once you have registered under your organizations name, print some flyers and pass them out. Like us on facebook. Post it on your social media pages. Make sure everyone knows you’re doing this as a fundraiser and to bring their items to you, not us. Everything you need to know about consigning with us can be found on our website.

If you have any questions or need guidance, feel free to contact us at We look forward to helping your organization raise money!