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Preparing Home School Curricula

To sell your home schooling curricula at our sale:
  • Please put all multiple piece materials together in a large (gallon or 2-gallon size) Ziploc. Seal it shut with packing tape.

  • Books - DO NOT put them in plastic bags! DO NOT tape them together. This ruins the covers when the tape is removed. If you are grouping multiple books together please use a heavy twine or string. Tie the twine around your items as if you would tie a bow on a boxed present. This will catch the items on all sides and prevent them from separating.

    Be sure to be detailed in your description (list all books to be sold together on the tag) so if they do get separated our VIPs can place them back together! Write the titles of each book in your set. Tie your price tag onto the twine adding a small piece of tape to top of tag to reinforce it from tearing. Or use blue painter’s tape to attach the price tag to the back cover of the book.

  • Specifically outline its contents and the condition of each item on your tag, as well as items which would be needed to complete the set (if any).
Please Note on the Tag:


*If it can be determined (online search for the item helps). We recommend selling your items for half the retail price or less if they are in excellent condition and are the current edition. For older editions, please drastically reduce your prices as people typically look for the most recent edition of the items they need.

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