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Merchandise Preparation

One of the keys to successful selling at our consignment sale is knowing how to prepare and organize your merchandise. Here you will find information to the most commonly asked questions regarding preparing for our consignment sale. These pages are designed to help you maximize your sales and give you a seamless consignor experience, so please take a few minutes to review them.

ThriftMouse, Inc. strives to offer only the best items at all of our consignment sale events. Our policy is to not sell recalled or unsafe items. It is the responsibility of our consignors to make sure all of their products offered for sale meet the required safety standards. We are all parents and the safety and security of our children is our number one priority. Therefore, we expect our consignors to check for recalls before consigning any of their items to insure none of their items offered for sale have been recalled. Please see our recall/safety information page for more information.