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Preparing Shoes

We ask that you bring only your best. Shoes must be clean and look like new. Shoes that are dirty or have scuff marks will not be accepted into the sale (they just do not sell).

Shoes are very desirable, but get tossed about at a seasonal sale. To ensure the sale of your shoes, please make sure you securely attach your shoes together either by tying the laces together or by using a zip tie to attach them to each other using the eyelets or tabs on the heels of the shoes.

We recommend putting a piece of packaging tape across the top of your price tag where you’ll hole punch/pin it. This prevents ripping of the tag. It’s also good idea to take a piece of painter’s tape and put your consignor number and item number on the soles of each of the shoes.

You can either use the shoelaces, zip ties or curling ribbon to attach the tag to the shoes. DO NOT poke a hole in the shoe with a safety pin. Be creative attaching your shoes, but do not do something that will ruin them. Use cheap ribbon to run inside buckles on shoes.

Place infant shoes that you cannot zip tie together in a Ziploc bag and seal shut with clear packing tape. Make sure the shoes are dry before sealing bag, they will mold quickly.

We will not allow shoes unless they are secured together.

Please don't damage the shoes. For example shoes that are taped together could be damaged when the customers tries to remove the tape.