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Steps to Consign

Thank you for your interest in becoming a consignor with ThriftMouse. We value our consignors and truly believe the quality of our sale depends greatly upon those who choose to participate.

We treat our consignors like we want to be treated. We do our best to insure that we provide the best consignment experience possible. We strive to make the entire consignment process simple, efficient, and profitable.

Steps to Consign?
  1. SIGN UP: As a new or returning consignor today. This will bring you to our account login screen. New consignors click on "Join this Consignment Sale" on the left side to register as a new a consignor.
    If you have an old consignor number, or wish to request a consignor number, please specify in the “Seller ID” field.

  2. Please read the website instructions carefully: Whether you are a seasoned consignor or new to ThriftMouse, please read our Consignor pages (specifically tagging instructions) so you properly prepare your items for our sale. We have some specific requirements for how to tag items that differ from other sales in our area. Thank you in advance for your help!

  3. Prep your items & check for recalls: Gather the items you would like to sell. Visit Clean, wash, sanitize your items. Hang clothes. Presentation is EVERYTHING when consigning!

  4. PRICE & TAG: We use a bar coding system for sales tags. Each item you bring will need its own unique bar coded sale tag. To do this, each item is entered into our tagging software -- don't worry it's EASY!! Then print your tags. And attach your tags to your items according to our guidelines (tagging guns are preferred).

  5. Schedule your Drop-Off Appointment: Login to your Consigner account and sign up for one of our designated drop-off appointments. Please allow 30 minutes for your first 100-125 items and 15 minutes for each additional 100 or fraction thereof. If you need to put together large items, please allow a few extra minutes for assembly.

  6. Become a VIP Consignor: Want to earn a higher percentage of your sales? Then become a VIP! This is OPTIONAL, but we would love to add you to our VIP Consignor’s list.

  7. DROP-OFF: Bring your items to your drop-off appointment. We will inspect your items and we will place your items on the sales floor.

  8. SAVE MONEY: Shop our Consignor Pre-Sale, Public sale dates, and our discount Sunday.

  9. PICK-UP OR DONATE: Pick-up any unsold items during our designated pick up times or choose to donate them to charity. Please note: Any unsold/unclaimed items are donated to a charity.

  10. GET PAID!: Your sales will be calculated and your check will be mailed within 10 business days after the sale ends. Now, let’s get ready for the next sale!
PLEASE NOTE: It is the CONSIGNOR'S RESPONSIBILITY, as seller of the items, to make sure none of their items have been recalled. Please make sure you have thoroughly read through the consignor agreement that you are asked to sign during the drop-off process.

Need Help?

We hope you find the information helpful. If you still have questions then please emails us or call us at 971-303-9055. You can also connect with us on Facebook for offers, tips, conversation and more!

**The registration, scheduling and tagging links take you away from the ThriftMouse web site. You will be entering this information on our software partner’s web site.

Watch This Video To See HOW To Sign Up!