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ThriftMouse VIP Bartering

Want to shop early, but can’t find time to volunteer? ThriftMouse LOVES to barter!

ThriftMouse offers a way for families to do or give something in return for shopping early! It’s called “bartering.” This helps us keep our costs down and return a large percentage of sales to the participating families.

Bartering Consignors earn the standard Consignor percentage on their sales but get to shop earlier than other consignors on our pre-sale day.

Infant, Children’s and OB Nurses/Office or Preschool Staff

If you work at a hospital, doctor or dentist’s office, preschool (or any other type of office for that matter) that caters to infants and children or pregnant mommies in Washington County, you have the opportunity to earn a barterer pre-sale pass by spreading the word by flyer or listserv.

Provide Stamps

If you are able to provide 1 roll of first class postcard stamps (that’s 100 postcard stamps) you will earn a barterer pre-sale pass.


Do you have the ability to offer us printing services, ad specialty items, store signage, laminating etc, you will earn a barterer pre-sale pass.


We are always looking for ways to publicize our sale! Do you know someone that could help us spread the word about our concept of Going Green-Recycling, Saving Money and Making Money in today's strained economic times? We'd love to spread the word about our charity partner too! We will give you a barterer pre-sale pass if you can help put us in contact with any print (newspaper/magazine), TV or radio media who will cover our sale.

Shopping Bags

This is a great opportunity to advertise your business! Supply us with several hundred large(16 x 20) shopping bags (with or without your business logo!), you will receive a Pre-Sale Pass.

Blogging, Facebook, Twitter

Do you know of a good blogger? We need to reach out them! We offer media passes too! Or do you have a blog, Facebook or Twitter that that has a large mommy following? You can earn volunteer hours by posting about our sale on your blog or other social media network. If you are interested in this please email us for further details.

Flyer Delivery to Day Cares, Sports Clubs, Dance Clubs, Boy Scouts, Churches, preschools, children's gyms, community and private bulletin boards and other locations throughout the area

Do you belong to a moms group? Bible Study? Take your children to various classes or activities where parents frequent? Attend school or preschool/daycare? Would you like to help us reach some new parents? Print our 4 per page flyer and distribute 250 flyers total. They must be located within 30 minutes of our sale location. Choose the places nearest you and call them to confirm:
  • They have not received handouts already from another volunteer

  • They will be willing to give them to parents if you deliver to them

  • Their address and directions

  • Number of kids they have, i.e. copies you will need to deliver to them

  • Email address of the place/group so that we can thank them with an early shopping pass too!

  • Flyers must be delivered by the Friday before the sale begins.
Email for approval with the following information:
  • The names of the places/groups you intend to deliver to

  • Number of kids at each place

  • Contact name

  • Contact phone number

  • Contact email addresses

  • If you neglect to email us for approval, you risk not being credited with volunteer hours!
Provide snacks

For this barter, you’ll earn a barterer presale pass for providing snack items at the sale. These snacks are for our eight hour VIPs to have during their shift. List of acceptable items provided upon request.

Gift Cards

A $25.00 gift card for Office Max, Staples or Office Depot will earn you a barterer pre-sale pass.

Restaurant Gift Card
Do you know a caterer/restaurant willing to supply food or snacks? Or a $25.00 gift card for a restaurant /pizza place will earn you a barterer pre-sale pass. Please email us for a list of acceptable nearby restaurants.

We absolutely LOVE our VIPs…without you, this sale wouldn't be possible. We sincerely appreciate all you do!

Have other resources or an idea that would help us at ThriftMouse? Please email as we would love to hear you ideas. Barter opportunities are filled on a first come basis.