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ThriftMouse VIP Etiquette

ThriftMouse and our other VIPs are counting on you to help make our sale run smoothly. By choosing to work a shift, you are removing that slot from the website so that no one else can choose to work it. We only have slots posted for positions we need filled! If you for any reason do not shop, we still need your position filled or we will be short a VIP at the sale. You are obligated to fulfill your work shift(s) whether you attend the pre-sale or not. So please only sign up for shifts you able to work. Thank you in advance for understanding.
  • Shifts should be scheduled around (and not during) your planned shopping times.

  • COMFORT IS KEY! Be sure to wear comfortable clothing and shoes as you'll be on your feet and moving around quite a bit in your respective position.

  • Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your shift is scheduled to begin so that you can sign in and receive any necessary training or instruction. Please be prepared to work your entire shift.

  • It is important that each person show up on time and stay for their full shift, failure to do so will forfeit your VIP benefits. A VIP shift binder will be at the CHECK IN DESK for you to sign in and out for your shift. This is mandatory! If you do not sign in AND out you will NOT receive credit for your shift. No exceptions.

  • We will provide each VIP an apron to wear; please pick it up at the CHECK IN DESK.

  • You may want to bring a snack or drink to have while you are working.

  • We are unable to accommodate children during shifts, please arrange for childcare during this time.

  • If you have a health condition or physical limitation that restricts the jobs you are able to perform (such as back trouble or pregnancy), please send us an email before you register for your shift(s), and we'll happy to find a job that would be appropriate for your needs. On the other hand, if you have skills such as typing or great organizational abilities, let us know that as well so we can place you in an appropriate position you will enjoy.

    No Animals Allowed, except service animals that are specifically trained to enrich the lives of people with disabilities, increasing their mobility and independence. Service animals are NOT pets. Please contact us if you will be woking a shift with a service animal at least one week prior to the sale.

  • CELL PHONES WHILE ON THE FLOOR… You may keep your phone in your pocket on silent, however we request you do NOT have conversations, phone or text, while on the sales floor. If you need to talk with someone please get coverage for your area and take a quick break.

  • PURSES/BAGS KEEP AT HOME! If you plan to shop (before or after your shift) bring your payment option and photo ID – leave the rest at home! There is NO PLACE to secure your belongings so please leave them at home!

  • SHOPPING DURING SHIFT IS NOT PERMITTED! Should you find an item during your shift you just can’t put down then please get coverage for your area, and put that item on HOLD. Any merchandise that is found being “stashed” will be put back. Please wait until your shift is finished to purchase and place the item in your car.

  • At the end of your shift, please stop by the check in desk to return your name tag, apron and sign out to receive credit for having completed your shift.
We cannot make this event happen without your help! If for any reason you need to cancel your shift it is your responsibility to fill your position (ask a friend, neighbor, spouse, grandparent), and notify us by calling 971-303-9055. In the event you do not fulfill your commitment, or find a comparable replacement, you will not be allowed to participate as a VIP in the future. Please understand that these guidelines have been put in to place to maintain a high quality sale. We do understand that emergencies happen and will do our best to accommodate those as they arise. So please try to give us at least a 24 hour notice if you will not be filling your scheduled shift(s). Thank you!