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ThriftMouse VIP FAQs

Q. Can I bring my children with me during my volunteer time?

For the safety of your children, they may not be on the property during your volunteering time. Our volunteers stay busy and it is extremely difficult and sometime dangerous for children to be wandering around without a parent tending to them. We recommend that you swap out babysitting with a friend.

Q. Do you have snacks and drinks available or should I bring my own?

Light snacks and water are available during your volunteer shift! And if you are working a full 8 hour shift in a day a meal will also be provided.

Q. What should I wear during my shift?

Please dress however you are most comfortable. If you are coming after work, we recommend that you bring a change of clothing with you. Sneakers or a supportive rubber soled shoe are suggested.

Q. I am pregnant but would still like to volunteer. Is there a shift that will accommodate me?

Yes! Please contact us so that we can help you pick a shift that will suit your needs.

Q: I have a nursing baby who won't take a bottle. Can I still volunteer?

Yes! Please contact us so that we can help you pick a shift that will be suitable to your needs.

Q. I missed my shift at a past sale and now am unable to sign up online? How can I be allowed to volunteer again?

If you have signed up to work for a shift at a past sale and did not give us notice that you would not be able to make it to your shift and you did not find a replacement you were placed on the Prohibited VIP List. Once placed on this list you are unable to sign up to work in the future. This is to ensure that our VIPs take their commitment seriously so that we are able to depend on them. If you would like to discuss your placement on the list please email us at


If you do not see your question here, please feel free to email us at Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at our next sale.